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Our vegetable beds 2009

Here’s a back-dated look at our vegetable beds from last year. This was the first year any of us had tried to grow vegetables. My Dad kindly helped us build the beds from recycled railway sleepers:

At the end of March we planted some salads: radishes, cut-and-come lettuce, rocket, spinach, garlic and pak choi:


To begin with they all got lots of sunshine…

…and grew really well. The radishes were delicious, not one of them made it onto a dinner plate!



After the first crop however, we had real trouble getting any more to produce fruit. We tried four more crops of radishes over the summer and they all came up but with no root to eat. I wonder if the taller crops took the sunlight from the shorter ones? We will try again this year however. Hopefully next month the weather will be warm enough to start planting again…will keep you posted…


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