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Some work in the Garden…

With the recent sunny weather, we have been able to spend lots of time in the garden planting seeds:

Fingers crossed for:




Climbing French Beans


They’re all keeping warm in the conservatory at the moment.


We prepared the raised vegetable beds from last year. We have decided to just grow salads and short crops like spinach and pak choi in here this year, to hopefully avoid anything too tall taking all the light. So far we have planted:

Two kinds of Radishes


Spring Onions


Pak choi

Baby gem lettuce

Two kinds of Carrots (in the bed this year instead of a pot like last year, when our carrots were yummy but only 3cm long!)

Rainbow Chard

Bulb Fennel (tried this last year but didn’t get any bulbs – think it dried out too much)

You can see the first of this year’s salads starting to show on the right of this bed, this is after about 3 weeks after planting.

We also have a plan to make some new, larger beds for this year on the left hand side of our garden, and here is the first. Sam calls it ‘the olive’. This is for potatoes – it’s a bit shady but does get some sun, so I figure it’s worth a try. There’s still some Purple Sprouting Broccoli left from last year which is just beginning to sprout, so we’re leaving that in.


And here’s the path we made from recycled bits of slab. The next ‘olive’ (which Sam wants to be an ‘O’, not an olive), is going next to this path, hopefully tommorow. Watch this space…


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The Science Museum

Last weekend Sam and I went to London for a fantastic trip with Steve and Penny. We met at the Science Museum and headed for Launchpad, the museum’s hands-on gallery with over 50 interactive exhibits. These include this bubble wall,

magnet power towers,

the mesmerising effects of dry ice in water,

and our personal favourite: the chance to build your own bridge!

On our way back through the museum we past through Space,

and saw the original Stevenson’s Rocket, very fitting, as we were just off on our way up to Kensington Park to Ride the Rocket! See below…

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Riding the Rocket!


One of the highlights of our trip to London last weekend was to ride on a replica of Stevenson’s Rocket. It turned out to be the very same replica from the York Railway Museum which we visited with Granny last month (shown below). The  replica was built  in 1979 by Locomotion Enterprises for the 150th anniversary celebrations. The chimney was shorter than the original so that it could pass under the bridge at Rainhill on the celebration journey. The driver explained to us the reason the funnel was white was to show off how clean the engine was, and the boiler was painted yellow to mirror that of the public transport horse-drawn coaches that were around at the time, thus giving the message that Rocket was designed as a passenger engine, not an industrial one.

The BBC have a fun animation of the Rocket on their site, where you can learn in more detail how the engine works, then test your knowledge with a ‘build the engine’ game.

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London in the Spring…

After our ride on Rocket, we wound our way through Kensington Park towards the Lady Diana Memorial Playground.



Now it’s time for some supper! Uncle Steve knows where there’s some good pizza….so we head off into town..


…the next day we headed back into town to Hamleys, arguably the world’s finest toy shop.

And then walked to Green Park to sit among the daffodils…

On Sunday morning we said our goodbyes with Penny and Steve, and caught the number 38 bus all the way through the centre of town to Victoria. There was hardly anyone on it, so we got the front seats upstairs. What a great journey through town, Hackney, Islington, Theatreland, Hyde Park corner… lots to remember. We sat and ate popcorn, just the two of us, and talked about all the things we’d seen…


Thank you to Steve’s friends Paul and Amelia for lending us their flat to stay in, and thank you to Steve and Penny and Sam for being such great company for the weekend..x

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Weather Station

Thank you to Auntie Sarah for kindly sending this from the Science Museum in Hong Kong.

It was supposed to be screwed onto a bottle as you can see. But we decided it would be more robust taped onto a pole:

Sam felt the pole was a bit plain so he decorated it with some of his Easter stickers.

Now to catch some rain…!

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Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we spent a beautiful afternoon with Steve, Penny, Catharine and Anna at Sheffield Park Gardens. The sun was shining at last, and there were definitely plenty of signs of Spring in the garden…


Sam chose some new plants for our garden from the Plant Centre.


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Borde Hill Gardens

On a damp, drizzly Monday last week, we set off to Borde Hill Gardens with our friends to follow the Easter Bunny Trail.

I love the bunny sculptures. I am planning to try to make some for our garden… watch this space…

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