Painting Beads

Once a month on a Tuesday, we invite a group of friends over to make things, we call it our Crafty Tuesday. This month we decided to make necklaces using cotton craft balls. We pushed a knitting needle through to extend the hole (the balls are meant to be for making heads for craft dolls, so the hole doesn’t go all the way through when you buy them) so that we will be able to thread them once they are dry.

…waiting for everyone to arrive so we can get started…

Beads drying. We just used our usual children’s paint. My friend ‘varnished’ hers with PVA glue (white craft glue) once it was dry, to make the beads a bit shiny and more durable. We added some buttons in between the beads, and we threaded onto elastic thread and just knotted the end. The project was really good for threading practice.



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