London in the Spring…

After our ride on Rocket, we wound our way through Kensington Park towards the Lady Diana Memorial Playground.



Now it’s time for some supper! Uncle Steve knows where there’s some good pizza….so we head off into town..


…the next day we headed back into town to Hamleys, arguably the world’s finest toy shop.

And then walked to Green Park to sit among the daffodils…

On Sunday morning we said our goodbyes with Penny and Steve, and caught the number 38 bus all the way through the centre of town to Victoria. There was hardly anyone on it, so we got the front seats upstairs. What a great journey through town, Hackney, Islington, Theatreland, Hyde Park corner… lots to remember. We sat and ate popcorn, just the two of us, and talked about all the things we’d seen…


Thank you to Steve’s friends Paul and Amelia for lending us their flat to stay in, and thank you to Steve and Penny and Sam for being such great company for the weekend..x


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