Some work in the Garden…

With the recent sunny weather, we have been able to spend lots of time in the garden planting seeds:

Fingers crossed for:




Climbing French Beans


They’re all keeping warm in the conservatory at the moment.


We prepared the raised vegetable beds from last year. We have decided to just grow salads and short crops like spinach and pak choi in here this year, to hopefully avoid anything too tall taking all the light. So far we have planted:

Two kinds of Radishes


Spring Onions


Pak choi

Baby gem lettuce

Two kinds of Carrots (in the bed this year instead of a pot like last year, when our carrots were yummy but only 3cm long!)

Rainbow Chard

Bulb Fennel (tried this last year but didn’t get any bulbs – think it dried out too much)

You can see the first of this year’s salads starting to show on the right of this bed, this is after about 3 weeks after planting.

We also have a plan to make some new, larger beds for this year on the left hand side of our garden, and here is the first. Sam calls it ‘the olive’. This is for potatoes – it’s a bit shady but does get some sun, so I figure it’s worth a try. There’s still some Purple Sprouting Broccoli left from last year which is just beginning to sprout, so we’re leaving that in.


And here’s the path we made from recycled bits of slab. The next ‘olive’ (which Sam wants to be an ‘O’, not an olive), is going next to this path, hopefully tommorow. Watch this space…


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