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Homemade Cards

Here are some of our homemade collage birthday cards. These are really fun cards to make with young children because anything goes!! Sam gets to make loads of artistic decisions about where to put things etc. and I think he has a sense that there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of doing things, which makes them really fun. Plus our friends and relatives get very real, personal cards for their birthdays!

You just need some base card to fit your envelopes, childrens’ glue and old magazines or leaflets. I usually find a large background image (gardening magazine’s are great for this) which covers all or most of the card, then Sam is away positioning things on top… I think putting the background down get’s our imaginations going, and gives an instant ‘storyboard’ to add on to. Sometimes we include stickers or paint, but sometimes just cut-outs from the magazines.

Many thanks to my Dad for the Railway Modeller magazine which was cut-up until there was virtually nothing left! Please can we have some more when you’ve finished with them??? X


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Turtle finished!

You may remember I starting knitting this for Sam in March, and here it is finished! It took AGES, but was totally worth it! And he’s now called Thomas.

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Sunny Suncatchers

This month at our Crafty Tuesday, we made some beautiful suncatchers to welcome the sunshine that finally seems to have arrived! Here’s how to do it:

Collect together some transparent bits and pieces which you can use for decoration. We found these pot toppings (basically little rounded-off chips of glass) in our local garden centre. We also used some glass beads, but you could use plastic ones, or bits of beach glass, or old buttons, or even try things like pasta, although it’s not transparent, it could look totally cool…ummm…have to try that one next…

Spread some white children’s glue into a clear plastic lid. Yoghurt pots or houmous pots seem to have this type of lid. Make sure there is no writing on the lid, otherwise it will transfer onto your suncatcher when it is dry and spoil the effect.

Have fun placing your bits and pieces!

Don’t worry if they sink a bit, they’ll all show up in the end when it’s dry.

Here’s what our group made.

And a few more that Sam and I made later as we were a bit addicted (ok, I was a bit addicted…)

Place them in a sunny spot for a few days. When they’re dry or very nearly dry, carefully peel the lid away, taking care not to crack the suncatcher by bending it too much. If it’s still wet on the underneath, which it probably will be, turn over and put back in the sun for another day or so.

When completely dry, you will find that holes (or very thin bits of glue which you can easily turn into holes by gently pushing the glue out with your thumb and forefinger) will have developed. You can choose one of these holes to put thread through to hang your suncatcher.

Now, place in a sunny spot and ENJOY! Welcome sunshine!


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More work in the Garden…

Rather than throw them out…


…we decided to use these old shelves which we inherited to make some flower boxes. So we sanded them down,

got out the paint,

and brightened them up!

Three bags of compost later,

and they were ready to plant up with our dahlias. They took most of the day, but we felt really pleased with the results. They really do brighten up the garden, but not as much as they will do when all the dahlias come into flower!

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