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Spinning Paint

We were so lucky to find this in a charity shop for 25p!

Sam had it out of the box and spinning before I even had my coat off!…

The paint was missing, so we started experimenting with what we have. First we tried ordinary children’s paint straight out of the bottle. It was much too thick, so we experimented with watering it down:

It was SO much fun, and started to give us some really super results:

We also tried using watered down artist’s acrylic paint (you can buy this fairly inexpensively in art shops or online):

And got some beautiful and bright results!

I want to mention, that Sam did ALL the pictures shown here completely by himself. This invention is so easy to use (once you water the paint down), and does not get particularly messy like I thought it would. I would definitely recommend one of these if your child/ren enjoy paint in any way. Plus you can always get it out in the evening in secret and have a go yourself!!


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Sam’s Drawings

Here’s a few of Sam’s recent drawings.

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