Summer in the Garden

Here’s how we’re getting on in the garden. Our newly made ‘Olive Beds’ (Sam called them that because of their shape) are doing really well! We added about five bags of organic compost to each bed when we made them, and I think it’s really paid off.

Here’s our first baby pumpkin, and our first baby marrow. I particularly excited to see these as we grew them from seed, whereas last year we just couldn’t get any to even germinate.

The potato crop looks happy, even though it’s got the shadiest spot.

You can really see the ‘olive’ shape of the beds in this one.

Rocket galore! But what I’ve realised with this is that you need to plant a little bit every three weeks or so to get a good crop all summer long. We planted half a packet, it came up beautifully (above), but then bolted within a fortnight before we could even eat half of it. Needs more of a strategy for next year I think…


Strawberries and lettuce.

Strawberries and Tayberries.

Two rather large courgettes.


More courgettes and giant radishes (they’re supposed to be like that!).

Spring onions.

Potatoes. Yum.

And finally, a few flower shots. The Verbena above is my absolute favourite at the moment. We grew it from seed last year in pots, then I moved the plants this Spring to where I wanted them. You can save a fortune growing your own Verbena, as it’s really expensive to buy grown plants from the garden centre. We got about thirty plants from one packet of seeds. And I think I can split them next Spring, as they’re really big now.

Black stemmed Lilies from the Welsh Botanical Gardens last year. I’m keeping these in a pot for now, but even so they have quadrupled in size since last summer.

And lastly for now, a HUGE orange Dahlia. So far this is the star of the Dahlias we bought, but there are still plenty that haven’t come out yet, so we still have them to look forward too. X


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