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Autumn Leaves Mobile

We used some beautiful autumn leaves from our nature walk to make pretty mobiles. Here’s how:

All you need is the leaves, white PVA or children’s craft glue, watered down to a milky consistency, and white tissue paper.

Paint one side of a leaf with the glue mixture, turn over and place onto a piece of tissue. Add more glue around the edges if necessary to stick it down as much as possible.

Now paint the top side of the leaf with glue, then lay another piece of tissue on top. the main thing is to try to seal the leaf in by connecting the edges of the two pieces of tissue around the leaf.

Hang up to dry.

Once dry, I carefully torn around the edges because I wanted a rough edge, but you could cut (might be easier for children). Leave enough tissue to hold together. Then add your thread, tie to an interesting twig, and there you have it. A variation is to just stick them directly on the window. The leaves will keep their natural colour for months, perfect as the wind and then the snow came very soon after we did this project, and all the leaves outside were gone…


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