Peg Doll Fairies

For our last Crafty Tuesday of the year, we made solstice fairies from pegdolls:

These days you can buy specially designed pegs with a more rounded head shape than the old fashioned clothes pegs used to have. I got these from a craft shop, along with some quarters of patchwork fabric, ribbons, sequins etc… whatever you have in your sewing basket really…

Wrap double sided tape as tightly as you can around the bodice area of the peg.

Scrunch around a ‘skirt’ of fabric or wide ribbon, then put some more tape over the top of the bodice area, and wrap a small piece of fabric or ribbon over the tape and the top of the skirt to hold it all in place and cover up the tape.

Wrap a pipe cleaner around to make the arms. Add wool for hair, feathers for wings if you want them, and let the children embellish away…

Lots of different personalities emerged….


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