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A Trip to Town

On a trip into Brighton town centre last week, we took a shortcut through the Pavilion Gardens, and found this local man feeding his friends…

He had peanuts for the squirrels, but the pigeons were mad on them too. They were landing on my hands while I took these photos, but I guess an Iphone is not as tasty as a peanut!

This little chap came right up to Sam to get his lunch.

Later, we saw these:

…just had to share!


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Little Sculptures

I keep finding little sculptures all over the house…

…like this little card man…

and his friend.

This one’s a station,

and these I think are just beautiful…

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Spun Paint Suncatchers

We wondered whether our paint spinner would work with acetate instead of paper…

We used inkjet acetates sheets from an office supplies shop, which are designed for use with an inkjet printer, so they take wet ink. And paint, it turns out!

We used artist’s acrylic paint, but I’m sure children’s acrylic paint would work just as well. You get brighter, more intense colours with the acrylic than you would with watercolour, especially on this non-porous surface. Which reminds me, this activity provided a good opportunity to talk some science as well as art. We discussed how some surfaces are porous and some are not, and how and why the non-porous acetate would take longer to dry than paper…

Once it was dry however…

…time for the art!

I am happy to have yet more colour around the house during these rather dingy winter days…

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Fun with Felt

Here’s a cute little chap we made at our craft group this month. These are all felt brooches, and the templates are designed by me. There are ten designs, and they are all available (free of charge)¬†for you to print out and make your own. Here are the links to the PDFs: Owl, Bird, Heart, Turtle, Butterfly, Ladybird, Trefoil Flower, Fish, Starflower, Daisy.

You will need A4 paper to print out the template (just white copy paper is fine, it doesn’t need to be great quality). You will need a few different colours of felt, some buttons and maybe some beads, some embroidery thread or sewing thread, and a safety pin to attach to the back to form the brooch.

First cut out all the black pieces from the template sheet (the coloured one is for reference to show how the layers fit together). Next cut all the pieces from felt. You can use pins to hold the paper while you cut it, but we found we didn’t really need them, you can just hold it in place with your fingers while you cut. For the young children, they chose all the colours but we did the cutting. For older children though, they might want to use pins to help them do their own cutting.

Next layer the pieces, little ones can help with this, and can start to see their creature or motif emerging…

The templates are all designed so that they require minimal stitching. Once the children have chosen buttons for all the positions shown on the coloured image on the printed sheet, you can help them to sew their own buttons in place, through all the layers, and this holds the whole thing together.

Sew a safety pin onto the back…

…and wear with pride!

Twit Twoo!!

I hope you enjoy. Do let me know what you think…x

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