Spun Paint Suncatchers

We wondered whether our paint spinner would work with acetate instead of paper…

We used inkjet acetates sheets from an office supplies shop, which are designed for use with an inkjet printer, so they take wet ink. And paint, it turns out!

We used artist’s acrylic paint, but I’m sure children’s acrylic paint would work just as well. You get brighter, more intense colours with the acrylic than you would with watercolour, especially on this non-porous surface. Which reminds me, this activity provided a good opportunity to talk some science as well as art. We discussed how some surfaces are porous and some are not, and how and why the non-porous acetate would take longer to dry than paper…

Once it was dry however…

…time for the art!

I am happy to have yet more colour around the house during these rather dingy winter days…


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