Sam’s Aquarium

Thank you to Granny who suggested this project after a trip to the London Aquarium with Sam last week.

She actually suggested a tissue box, but we didn’t have one, so we improvised with a regular box:

We taped it up using masking tape (better than ordinary sellotape in this case as it’s easy to paint over later).

Sam drew a ‘window’ shape…

…then I cut it out with a craft knife.

We painted the outside, just using regular children’s paints,

Next we cut a flap in the top as shown above.

Painted the inside blue.

Drew and cut out some little sea creatures…

Found some green wool and some thread for the tiny ones, stuck a piece of thread or wool onto the back of each creature, then Sam taped them to the inside of the flap. It’s worth paying attention to which way round the creature faces before you stick it down, so you can get them all facing more or less forward.

We also taped some extra bits of wool to be water weed.

And there it is!

Sam’s mini Aquarium. We were both pretty chuffed with that. Thanks Granny!


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    Hilary and Orin said,

    Really enjoyed this box becoming an aquarium, particularly the vivid colours and ‘3-D’ effect. Definitely one to try when Orin next comes to stay – thats if the garden railway is not too much of a pull on his time! x

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