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Marvelous Marbling

Recently we have had a lot of fun paper marbling. We got some gorgeous results (above) pretty much straight away.

I chose these marbling inks, not because I think they’re the best, but because the website I bought them from stated they’re suitable for 3 year olds, whereas the other makes didn’t seem to say.

First put an inch or so of clean cold water in the trays. Then just let the children drop on the colours straight from the bottle. They can choose whether to stir with a stick or not – each gives a different result…

Drying takes about an hour or so as long as the ink’s not too thick.

Really chuffed with these ones:

You can cut out shapes before or after marbling. Again, each gives a slightly different result.


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Sheringham Woods in February

During our week in Norfolk last month, Sam and I managed to get out and about in nature quite a bit. It was so lovely to get in the woods and find some of the first signs of Spring.

A carpet of snowdrops in Sheringham Woods.

A little house left behind in Pretty Corner woods.

The steps up to the viewing tower in Sheringham Woods.

Climbing the tower…

…The view from the top! Exhilerating, beautiful, but freezing! We didn’t stay too long!

Came back down to do some sketching. This was Sam’s first time sketching outside from the landscape. He told me afterwards he really enjoyed it, and has since asked to do it again.

Just time to squeeze in a quick Geocache before we go home.

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