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Fabulous Fimo Bird

We got carried away with some polymer clay (Fimo,Sculpy etc.) recently, and this little chap was one of the results! He definitely helps to brighten up these rather dull Winter days.

You will need: Fimo or Sculpy in 2 colours, Feathers (we used bought but you could use found), Two tiny glass beads for the eyes, Some Craft Wire (must not be plastic coated) for the legs. Oh and also a darning needle to make holes in the body.

Use your main colour to form a sausage shape with tapered ends.

Add a beak. And carefully push two small beads in for the eyes (push them well in, otherwise they can fall out after the clay is hardened).

Take a piece of wire about 30cm long. Form a foot shape in the middle something like this…

…then twist the leg. Make two.

Attach to the body by pushing carefully in the bottom. Try to  bend the feet so that s/he will stand up.

Sam pushed the feathers where he wanted them…

…then I took them out and enlarged and lengthened the holes slightly with the needle.

We did some in his back for his wings…

…and some in his bottom for his tail feathers.

He goes on the baking tray with some other treasures we made.

‘Cook’ in a low heat oven as per the instructions on the clay pack, and wait ten minutes or so for them to cool enough. Then we used UHU type glue to stick the feathers in.

He likes to sit on top of the aquarium and watch us make other things…


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