Word games with letter stamps

Here’s a fun game you can make if you have some letter ink stamps:

I stamped some words, spread around on the page, which were around Sam’s level for reading. Then I drew little pictures to match the words, also spread around the page.

The game was to join the words to the pictures. Sam also added the idea of colouring in the things as he matched them.

Afterwards, Sam made a game for me using the blocks. I had to find as many words as I could using letters that sat next to, or diagonally next to each other, (a bit like Boggle). We did it together, and talked about the sounds and what the words meant. It was amazing how many words we found, and I’m sure there are probably more…

I think the stamps added a lot to the fun of these games. We could have had the same thing in a workbook and I don’t think Sam would have enjoyed it as much. And he wouldn’t have been able to make one himself.


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