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Modrock Turtle

We made this little guy from some recycled packaging and some Modrock:

Scrunch up some brown packing paper (or newspaper would probably do), into a rough ‘body’ shape. Secure with sellotape or masking tape.

Add a head.

And some legs.

This is what he looked like underneath. It definitely doesn’t need to be perfect, in fact a bit rough round the edges adds to the character…

From above.

Start cutting the modrock into small pieces.

You will need quite a few. A lot more than are shown in this photo, probably five or six times as many altogether.

Fully emerse  each piece in a bowl of cold water, and immediately stick it onto the turtle, as you rub a little, the plaster in the modrock softens and goes a little smoother.

It’s very tactile, a bit messy (but not as much as you’d expect), and really fun.

It begins to harden a little after a few minutes, but you don’t need to wait for it to dry in between layers, just keep layering it on.

After its all covered, feel for the ‘soft’ spots and add some more there…

Now leave to dry overnight. We put ours on top of the dehydrator as it was warm there.

Once dry – paint away!

We used acrylic paints as they are quick-drying and waterproof once dry. Just in case our little turtle decides to go out in the rain…

Finally, stick on some eyes! What a gloriously tactile and fun project, and what a cute little guy to add to our (growing) collection……..


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Wire, clay and craft foam

Sam and I had an impromptu craft session the other day, where Sam chose the materials he wanted to work with: wire, clay, and craft foam.

After a bit of twisting and fiddling…

…we started making¬†strange flowers…

and of course…

a turtle!

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Wire Fish

We made these wire fish at our craft group recently. They look beautiful hanging under a light or in the window.

If you want to make one you will need wire of different thicknesses (we used recycled copper wire and craft shop copper wire), fine nose pliers or jewellery pliers for bending, and cutting pliers or wire cutters for cutting. Oh, and beads!

Use a thicker wire to make a body shape like this.

Start wrapping thinner wire around…

the children can then keep wrapping,

and adding in beads when they feel like it.

Add two side fins,

Twist them on,

and add a hanging wire.

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