Colour Gel Mixing

It’s amazing how many science kits we’ve found  in charity shops. Our latest was this one:

You could easily do this experiment without the kit though, you just need water, food colourings, plastic cups, small sealable plastic bags, and corn starch (corn flour if you’re in the UK).

Put a little water and food colouring into a bag, add a spoonful of corn starch. Seal the bag and push the ingredients together carefully to mix them.

Leave them to ‘set’ for about an hour. They should turn to a jelly-like consistency.

You can push them around a bit more to get them to mix more evenly.

Then scoop some of each colour into a new bag.

Seal and have fun pushing the colours around.

It will last for a few days in the window before it starts going a bit yucky!


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