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Run Bug Run!

Sam got these little bugs for Christmas.

We had seen some similar ones when we were in America last year, and they came with a sort of playground to run around.

So we tried to make our own using wrapping paper middles and carpet tape…

We had to get the joints as smooth as possible.

There goes a bug into the tunnel.

This is how it finished up.


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Paper Sculpture

There are some great free paper sculptures available on the internet to print off and use yourself at home. They are particularly good for providing an opportunity to learn to score!

These were a team effort. Sam did the scoring, (we found if he scored before we cut them out the whole sheet stayed in place better than small cut out pieces would.) And I did the cutting.

He was very pleased with the results! Here’s the link for the train.

Here’s the Eiffel Tower. Here are some animals, and here isĀ, and Canon Creative Park, both free resources for lots of different models. Have fun!

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