Bath Icebergs

This is fun! We have been messing around with ice a lot. This is so easy you could do this with virtually any age children…

I got jugs of water, and I watered down some drawing inks in different colours and put them in pipet bottles, which you can buy from a chemist or pharmacy. (They are not essential at all – you could just use little cups of mixed ink, but the bottles were interesting for Sam to use and they lasted longer…)

He filled washed-out old food containers with water and ink colours. The more different shapes of containers the better as they add to the variety. Make sure they’re flexible plastic and don’t use anything precious. I used my measuring jug and it wasn’t flexible enough and it split down the side, which was quite amazing in itself to see how strong the ice can be…

The ink behaves very beautifully in the water.

Add some plastic animals…

…and you’re ready for the freezer.

Next day, head upstairs…

…pop them out…

…and take a bath!!



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