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Hi, I’m Jo, and this is my husband Jeremy, and our 4 year old son, Sam. We live in Brighton, England, not far from the sea.

Among other things, Jeremy loves films, Sam loves trains, and I love making stuff. We try to combine our interests in creative ways, to find fun and stimulating things to do with our days which help to provide a rich learning environment for Sam, and us.

I believe creativity can be used as a vehicle for all sorts of learning experiences, and can often help bring life to otherwise rather dull subjects! On this site you can see what we’re up to, and hopefully get ideas and inspiration for you and your family’s own projects.

I hope you like what you find. This blog is updated regularly. If you have any comments or suggestions, please do let me know via the comments box below, I read every comment and would love to hear from you. Thank you for visiting, please come again soon…


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    Lanie said,

    Just been sent link to your site by a fellow home-educator. I was an art teacher, now home-schooling my almost 5 yr old & 3 yr old, and have just started a creative day at home for us & other families. I don’t tend to follow sites- don’t have time- but this is EASY & useful! I love your ideas & presentation.
    We did mobiles today after looking at Alexander Calder- sticking up & hanging down. We used galvanised wire, found wood, laminated sheets of coloured paper, beads, feathers & buttons. Even the 3 yr olds got really beautiful results.

    • 2

      jo2171 said,

      Hi Melanie, thank you for your comments. Your group sounds really exciting – I love making mobiles and Calder is the King! Do you mind if we borrow your idea some time?
      Kind regards, Jo

  2. 3

    Debra said,

    Hi Jo, is there a way to get in touch with you via email? Or if you can see my email, perhaps you could get in touch with me? I’d love to ask if we could purchase one of your ideas for publication…
    thank you!

  3. 6

    You do an excellent job. Congratulations. May I add some photos from your job, with url reference of your blog on mine, MAZI XERI-XERI (HAND BY HAND TOGETHER) http://mazi-xeri-xeri.blogspot.com
    We have every day things with a little beat of Sunday-school spirit. Our blog is conceived for parents and adults (I have others designed specifically for children of different ages) including a translator, so you can easily read what you see.
    I admire what you do. I believe world goes forward, because of creativity and not because of money. Creativity brings about science.
    Sorry for my english. I have many years to write and speak.

    With appreciation to you and your family that supports you,

    Helen Dimakis
    Translator (in portuguese, not in english) and teacher of a sunday-school.

  4. 8

    mouche4@btinternet.com said,

    I have just found your site through looking for wire shapes. I teach DT to autistic Secondary and FE students, and your fish beading idea is just amazing for us. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow it for them to make. They will love it.

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