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Summer Evening Baked Potatoes


On one of the warmest evenings of the summer, I decided it would be cool to bake our own potatoes in a fire – just like my brother and I used to do in the fields near our childhood home many years ago…


Sam was not convinced they were going to taste any good, but once we got through the charcoaled skin, and put some butter on of course – he said it was the best jacket potato he’d ever had!



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Carrots Galore!

We bought all these carrots from the garden centre on Sunday for £1!


What else was there to do but make carrot cake?:



“I’m just going to test it…”

Yep. It’s pretty good!

Thanks to vegetarian and vegan cook Rose Elliot for the recipe. It’s the Vegan Carrot Cake in her book Vegetarian Supercook.

And we had enough carrots left to make soup for all our friends at our Crafty Tuesday tommorow.

This is the recipe, thanks to Gillian McKeith and the BBC.

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Chocolate Cup Cakes

Used this recipe for the buns, and just added cocoa powder to the mix.


Then made a simple butter icing (icing sugar and soft butter – we used Billingtons Golden Icing Sugarand Yeo Valley Spreadable Butter which contains some sunflower oil), mixed with cocoa powder.

They seemed to be popular!


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Coconut Meringues…

Never made them before, but here goes:




In they go…

They turned out pretty good!

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Our vegetable beds 2009

Here’s a back-dated look at our vegetable beds from last year. This was the first year any of us had tried to grow vegetables. My Dad kindly helped us build the beds from recycled railway sleepers:

At the end of March we planted some salads: radishes, cut-and-come lettuce, rocket, spinach, garlic and pak choi:


To begin with they all got lots of sunshine…

…and grew really well. The radishes were delicious, not one of them made it onto a dinner plate!



After the first crop however, we had real trouble getting any more to produce fruit. We tried four more crops of radishes over the summer and they all came up but with no root to eat. I wonder if the taller crops took the sunlight from the shorter ones? We will try again this year however. Hopefully next month the weather will be warm enough to start planting again…will keep you posted…

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