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Ice garden


This is a very fun thing to do with a collection of flowers and/or stones from a walk or from the garden…


Arrange them in a tupperware tub,


fill with water and freeze overnight. Then sit the tubs for a few seconds in a larger bowl or the sink with a couple of inches of warm water, to release the ice block.


So beautiful! We kept it in the freezer for ages…





Sam decided it made a perfect home for these critters…


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Remembering Summer in the Garden…

Last year I spent some time tidying our patio and making a small pond in an old half-barrel. It’s grey and cold out there at the moment, but I found these pictures taken in the summer to remind me of how beautiful it is when the sun’s shining and how lucky we are to have this space to share.

It’s just perfect for hanging out…

For sorting vehicles into colours…

And for the small creatures to have their very own bonfire party.

I love the winter too but on particularly grey days like today it’s nice to remember what’s round the corner…

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Summer in the Garden

Here’s how we’re getting on in the garden. Our newly made ‘Olive Beds’ (Sam called them that because of their shape) are doing really well! We added about five bags of organic compost to each bed when we made them, and I think it’s really paid off.

Here’s our first baby pumpkin, and our first baby marrow. I particularly excited to see these as we grew them from seed, whereas last year we just couldn’t get any to even germinate.

The potato crop looks happy, even though it’s got the shadiest spot.

You can really see the ‘olive’ shape of the beds in this one.

Rocket galore! But what I’ve realised with this is that you need to plant a little bit every three weeks or so to get a good crop all summer long. We planted half a packet, it came up beautifully (above), but then bolted within a fortnight before we could even eat half of it. Needs more of a strategy for next year I think…


Strawberries and lettuce.

Strawberries and Tayberries.

Two rather large courgettes.


More courgettes and giant radishes (they’re supposed to be like that!).

Spring onions.

Potatoes. Yum.

And finally, a few flower shots. The Verbena above is my absolute favourite at the moment. We grew it from seed last year in pots, then I moved the plants this Spring to where I wanted them. You can save a fortune growing your own Verbena, as it’s really expensive to buy grown plants from the garden centre. We got about thirty plants from one packet of seeds. And I think I can split them next Spring, as they’re really big now.

Black stemmed Lilies from the Welsh Botanical Gardens last year. I’m keeping these in a pot for now, but even so they have quadrupled in size since last summer.

And lastly for now, a HUGE orange Dahlia. So far this is the star of the Dahlias we bought, but there are still plenty that haven’t come out yet, so we still have them to look forward too. X

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More work in the Garden…

Rather than throw them out…


…we decided to use these old shelves which we inherited to make some flower boxes. So we sanded them down,

got out the paint,

and brightened them up!

Three bags of compost later,

and they were ready to plant up with our dahlias. They took most of the day, but we felt really pleased with the results. They really do brighten up the garden, but not as much as they will do when all the dahlias come into flower!

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Some work in the Garden…

With the recent sunny weather, we have been able to spend lots of time in the garden planting seeds:

Fingers crossed for:




Climbing French Beans


They’re all keeping warm in the conservatory at the moment.


We prepared the raised vegetable beds from last year. We have decided to just grow salads and short crops like spinach and pak choi in here this year, to hopefully avoid anything too tall taking all the light. So far we have planted:

Two kinds of Radishes


Spring Onions


Pak choi

Baby gem lettuce

Two kinds of Carrots (in the bed this year instead of a pot like last year, when our carrots were yummy but only 3cm long!)

Rainbow Chard

Bulb Fennel (tried this last year but didn’t get any bulbs – think it dried out too much)

You can see the first of this year’s salads starting to show on the right of this bed, this is after about 3 weeks after planting.

We also have a plan to make some new, larger beds for this year on the left hand side of our garden, and here is the first. Sam calls it ‘the olive’. This is for potatoes – it’s a bit shady but does get some sun, so I figure it’s worth a try. There’s still some Purple Sprouting Broccoli left from last year which is just beginning to sprout, so we’re leaving that in.


And here’s the path we made from recycled bits of slab. The next ‘olive’ (which Sam wants to be an ‘O’, not an olive), is going next to this path, hopefully tommorow. Watch this space…

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Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we spent a beautiful afternoon with Steve, Penny, Catharine and Anna at Sheffield Park Gardens. The sun was shining at last, and there were definitely plenty of signs of Spring in the garden…


Sam chose some new plants for our garden from the Plant Centre.


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Birthday Sunday Sunshine

Today brought lovely, sunny weather to our part of the country.

As it was my day and my choice what to do: we went to the local garden centre!

The Sussex Engine and Associated Machinery Society were there exhibiting their engines in the sunshine:

Apparently most of these engines were used to power farm machinery and pump water around farms. They run off petrol or diesel, and one small tank of fuel can keep the engine going for up to 2 days. They are pretty economical. But VERY noisy!

We moved on into the garden centre, where we chose our vegetables for this season, and also got hooked on DAHLIAS!

I have never grown these before, but my Mum says it’s pretty easy, so here goes! Will keep you posted.

Thank you to Edie and Bob for my beautiful Spring Planter, which is now adding a spot of much needed colour and freshness to our patio.


And thank you to my two favourite people for my fab birthday gifts and a lovely day.

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